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Jan Beuck CEO



Gamesright GmbH

The legal tech start-up helps people that lost money in illegal online gambling with a 95% success rate.


YourPlanet GmbH

The soon available website can make everyone's life carbon neutral. The soon available website can make everyone's life carbon neutral.


Partymate GmbH

Connect with your friends and find the best parties in your city.


Speedway Festival GmbH

The Speedway Music Festival attracts over 5,000 visitors each year. The 5th anniversary of the festival will take place on August 12th 2023 in Hamburg.

InSocial Media GmbH

InSocial connects brands with influencers and creates wide-reaching social media campaigns.

Minh Dao Holding

Die Minh Dao Holding ist Mehrheitseigner von Fully Ventures, einem AI-gestützten Accelerator für Tech Start-Ups.


Playa Games GmbH

Playa Games publishes and distributes mobile games. With over 70 million registered players, Playa Games is one of the largest studios in Germany and was sold to Stillfront AB in 2018.


Legend Online GmbH & Co KG

Legend Online GmbH & Co KG developed and sold the browser game 'Legend.de'. In 2009 the game was sold to Gameforge AG, who managed it under the name Tanoth until 2020.


Proceanis GmbH

The PROCEANIS®-Hyaluron Drink is a pioneering product - the result of years of research, born from the founders' passion for wellness and health and their love for the sea.


Master Creating GmbH

Master Creating develops digital games for PC. The most famous games are 'Restricted Area' and 'Legend - Hand of God '.



is social location based messaging dynamically connecting its users with the people around them. The app is currently not available.


Rebel Couture

is an edgy contemporary fashion label with a focus on shirts and belts.



is a virtual game universe that includes titles like 'Legend - Hand of God' and 'Tanoth'.

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